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Applying to Itinerant Industries

This page will walk you through the recruitment process for Itinerant Industries.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Itinerant Industries is a community of USTZ English speaking players. Itinerant is an active, close knit corporation with a group of talkative and helpful members.

Before you apply, we encourage you to reach out to our members a little bit about our corporation and any other groups that you maybe applying to. We have found that players that talk to line members of a corporation will get a better story than from a recruiter.

Minimum Requirements

We maybe small, but we are elite.

Below is a set of minimum requirements that will ensure that you are a round peg.

  1. Decently Skilled Character: 5 Million SP. You will want enough skill points to be able to make the most of our space, whether that is ratting, mining, or exploration.

  2. Character Age: 90-Days. Eve has changed a lot over the years, and the ability to buy skill injectors is a great addition to the game. Though skill injectors can get you into that new ship faster it can not train you for living in null-sec. Due to our limited numbers we do not have the ability to teach a lot of newer players.

  3. Active Member: Daily. We understand that this is digital spaceships, and real life comes first. Though to be the best fit for our corporation you need to play more than once a week. It is hard to improve your game if you are only logging in once a week.


To apply to join our Discord and talk to one of our executives.